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Top Band Metal Fatigue Warning!

Bugscreen Damaged from metal fatigue.

**** WARNING ****

Feel free to click the above image of one of our test screens damaged from metal fatigue. This can happen when the screen bends too often, too close to top; the first couple of aluminum filaments near the very top headband; the mounting area which holds the bug screen label to your helmet. In five years of active world wide circulation of our bug screen, we have had only three damage reports and one return/refund due to this type of failure. Generally, first time application to the helmet or while drinking water and lifting the screen, it may bend too near the top and fracture after three tight flexes. We have tested this with factory rejects and replicated the process for verification. If your screen gets flexed too high up, bending near the attachment point on the headband, it will probably fail this way. So please be forewarned to never bend your screen near the mounting area. When pulling the screen off the first time please attach your fingers to the top headband label area edge and pull off with a wide stroke. This will allow your screen to flex off and not crack. 



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