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Giro, Giant and Trek.

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Typical Mount

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Skate, Street, always safety without the bugs.


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Our Guarantee:

GBNpro offers an unconditional 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Our customers must be completely satisfied with their purchase or we will refund 100% of their purchase price. You are free to keep or discard TheBugScreen™ at your discretion. No return shipment required!

We typically refund your purchase with a credit via PayPal to the card account the purchase was made from. PayPal does charge both parties a small transaction fee, you will notice on your statement. GBNpro issues a credit for the total amount of your purchase, but this transaction fee deduction should be expected. We issue your credit via PayPal within one - two business days of our receipt of your email notice of dissatisfaction. You will also get a response email from us acknowledging this action per your request. 

When you are dissatisfied with your purchase, email us at, and tell us to issue a refund. In this email it is important that you DO NOT send anything other than your: (1) full name, as it appeared on your credit card, (2) the date of your purchase, and your shipping address (used to verify order). These credits may not show up on your statement the same business day they are issued - we have no control over that. If GBNpro cannot find your shipping order we will email you asking for this information. GBNpro does not get nor keep any purchase/credit card information, only your name and shipping address. We keep those for forty-five days before they are discarded. GBNpro maintains your privacy by completely discarding your shipping information, we never sell, rent or lease such information to any agent, business or government. We practice confidentiality by protecting your privacy.

GBNpro is always trying to improve our product and service. When you're not satisfied with our product we would like to understand why? We love constructive criticism and welcome it from everybody. Even though feedback or reasons of any kind are not required for refunds - if you have any suggestions for us which may help us improve our product or service - please let us know. Contact . Thank you.


This is the small print you should read!

TheBugScreen™ is produced in Saint Francis, Wisconsin 53235: U. S. Patent Pending. TheBugScreen™ is designed to be Velcro™ mounted (provided) on your personal bicycle helmet as shown on the package directions which accompany the product in shipping/Retail sale bag and/or as posted on the business website on the SUPPORT page at:

The shipping package includes one black bug screen with 8.5"x 11" printed directions in English, and pre-applied Velcro™ on half with pull away tape over the other loop half Velcro™ for your helmet application. If it is not installed as shown on these two sources of directions it may not provide face protection as advertised; cause contact with your face, nose or other extremity, and become an unsafe bicycling distraction. If you operate with TheBugScreen™ mounted incorrectly/wrong, you do so at your own risk. If TheBugScreen™, when mounted correctly, as seen on the website sidebar images and those provided on the installation instructions, does not perform as stated on the website or to your satisfaction; please contact at requesting a refund per our GUARANTEE webpage at:

TheBugScreen™ is designed to prevent flying insects from hitting your face, eyes, nose, ears and mouth, while bicycling at speeds between 3 - 30 mph. TheBugScreen™ is not designed to be eaten, used for straining pasta, swatting flies or any protected species, nor playing tennis, racquetball or soccer. We do not provide a complete list here.  TheBugScreen™ cannot protect your face from flying objects more massive than a 1 gram mosquito (very plump adult) at the posted speed limit of 30 mph. TheBugScreen™, even when mounted correctly will not protect your face from bird strikes, Superman, cosmic rays, irrational uncontrolled human fists or your spouse nagging. Any other uses for TheBugScreen™, which you create or invent to use it for, beyond its stated limitations, on the website, and herein, may be fun, temporarily, but shall be at your own risk. is not going to be responsible for your specific creative risks.

TheBugScreen™ is constructed and encased via a patent pending production process with TPE and aluminum fabric which are both completely recyclable materials. The TPE is BPA free. All construction Material Safety Data Sheets are provided via PDF links on the website right sidebars on the SUPPORT and FAQ's webpages. The manufacturer of each product used in our production is also referenced on the same pages.

Thank you for reading this and becoming responsible for your protection and ours.

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