The Bug Screen

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Mounted Side View

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Mounted Front View

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Screen Front

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Screen Back

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Typical Mounts

Typical Mounts

Giro, Giant and Trek.


GBNpro researched Rans-BionX electric conversion. See it on our NEWS page.



May, is bicycle safety month.



Typical Mount

Pink helmet

Skate, Street, always safety without the bugs.

Off Site Safety Links

Bicycling Helmet Safety Institute

Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation

National Safety Council

Snell Memorial Foundation

Product Safety Commission

CPSC on Helmets




Bike Route?

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Wisconsin Bicycle Federation

Off Site Press

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Finally: A Personal Bug Screen.

Take the sting out of biking with GBNpro's new bug screen.

Bicyclists, getting hit by bugs? Flying insects or debris getting in your eyes, mouth, and nose? It happens to all bicyclists. You don't have to put up with it anymore. Put the fun back into your biking. Try the GBNpro personal bug screen for your safety. It's ugly, but effective.


GBNpro Bike Helmet Bug Screen image 

Nikolaus MyBugScreen transparency. Nikolaus with brim mounted over MyBugScreen.

Stop eating bugs!

GBNpro has invented a personal bug screen which applies directly to your helmet. TheBugScreen keeps bugs out while letting the fresh air in. Excellent visibility is maintained despite the screens proximity to your face. TheBugScreen is lightweight, strong and durable. Velcro® attached for easy on and off, at first, you're going to feel and look weird, but after a few bugs hit your screen instead of your face, you'll be recommending TheBugScreento everybody. Check out our FAQ's page to learn more. Remember, GBNpro's Bug Screen. Every time you get hit with a bug, you'll have to stop to clear your eyes - now, you'll know what you need. From now on, enjoy your bike ride - bug free!  

BugMask™ - Now Available:

Since  2012 GBNpro started selling the BugMask™. It's Martian ugly, but effective; click BugMask™ image below for greater detail or better yet, visit our News or Beta page for more information about the mask.

GBNpro's BugMask image

bmc-sm bmf-sm bms-sm

The Martian exterior face is only seen on the outside by others. The inside of the Bugmask™ maintains it's light absorbing black color. Make your selection on the Purchase page when checking out.

See TheBugScreen™ in action on our FAQ's page or on YouTube.

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